Canadian Defence Minister warns of increasing cyberattacks on critical infrastructure

Anand made the remarks at an Asian security summit in Singapore.

 Cable, Power Lines, Electric Transmission Tower, Utility Pole

Canadian Defence Minister Anita Anand expressed alarm regarding the escalating number of cyberattacks targeting Canada’s critical infrastructure. The nation, known as the world’s fourth-largest crude oil producer, faces a significant threat to its economy as these attacks persist.

Minister Anand acknowledged the rise in cyberattacks throughout North America during her interview, refraining from attributing the strikes to specific state-sponsored actors. However, she emphasised the importance of Canadian organizations and companies implementing appropriate mitigation measures.

‘We have witnessed attacks on critical infrastructure within our nation, and it is our utmost priority to advise Canadian entities to take necessary precautions,’ stated Anand at an Asian security summit in Singapore. ‘The potential risks are substantial, affecting our economy and the systems safeguarding the lives of our citizens.’