Cambodia is considering digitizing all government departments

Officials highlight the benefits of digitization, ranging from streamlined services such as issuing driving licenses to bolstering law enforcement capabilities.

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Cambodia’s government officials gathered at the Digital Government Forum to discuss the nation’s push towards digitization across all departments. Spearheaded by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, the forum highlighted the potential of digital policies to foster sustainable and inclusive development.

Government officials emphasized the benefits of digitization, including streamlined services such as driving license issuance and improved law enforcement capabilities. The panel also addressed AI, cybersecurity, and e-governance related topics.

The government’s strides in digital innovation, exemplified by platforms such as, have garnered international recognition in the ASEAN Digital Awards in Singapore. Despite these advancements, there’s a call for greater public awareness of the government’s digital initiatives.

Why does it matter?

Cambodia is steadily advancing towards establishing a robust e-government structure, an essential pillar outlined in the Cambodia Digital Economy and Society Policy Framework 2021-2035. While Cambodia’s position on the UN E-Government Development Index has improved from 145 in 2018 to 127 in 2022, it still lags behind regional leaders like Korea and Singapore. Nonetheless, the country’s upward trajectory signifies its commitment to enhancing its digital governance capabilities.