Businesses face confusion as AI sellers flood the market with generative AI tools

The influx of generative AI tools in the market is causing confusion for businesses as sellers rush to capitalize on the trend. Employees are overwhelmed by the multiple co-pilot options and struggle to find a common interface.

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Businesses are experiencing a flood of generative AI tools as corporate-technology sellers try to exploit the trend. These tools, often in the form of co-pilots or virtual assistants, can generate images or text in response to user prompts.

However, the proliferation of co-pilots is confusing employees who are seeking a single interface to complete tasks. There are concerns about potential privacy and security risks, as private data could be used in public training models for generative AI.

IT sellers are under pressure to enter the generative AI space, leading to rushed features without adequate privacy and security measures. Tech executives carefully evaluate these tools despite the hype to determine their value and integration capabilities.

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