Burundi’s telecom agency unveils roadmap for 5G services

With a target of July 2024 for the commercial launch, the roadmap emphasizes the criticality of frequency availability for successful 5G deployment.

Flag of the Burundi

Burundi’s Telecommunications Regulation and Control Agency (ARCT) has announced its plan for implementing 5G services in the country. Their roadmap aims to introduce commercial 5G services by July 2024. The availability of frequencies is a crucial factor for successful 5G deployment, and the ARCT intends to allocate a continuous band of 60MHz-100MHz in the sub-6GHz range and at least 800MHz of millimetre wave (mmWave) spectrum above 6GHz.

By December 2023, the regulator plans to release spectrum in various bands, including 700MHz, 2.3GHz, 2.5GHz, 3.5GHz, and 26GHz. Testing of 5G technology is scheduled to start in January 2024 through authorised entities. The specific method for selecting candidates to use the predetermined spectrum will be determined based on spectrum availability and market requirements, potentially through an auction or similar mechanism. Additionally, a public awareness program highlighting the advantages of 5G will commence in August 2023. Commercial 5G services are expected to be launched in July 2024.