Bulgaria’s telecom operator seeks to accelerate 5G roll-out amid legal dispute

According to a report, Bulgaria’s Communication Regulation Commission (CRC) said that it would seek ways to speed up the commercial rollout of 5G networks after a telecom operator Vivacom filed a lawsuit against the CRC’s decision to allocate three 5G licenses without competition. The CRC decided to close a 5G auction and grant the country’s three major telecom operators licenses in the 3.6GHz spectrum after reviewing the applications for the process. Vivacom has contested in court over the way the licenses were assigned. The head of CRC Ivan Dimitrov said the regulator will hold a meeting and seek ways to proceed as it is in the national interest to accelerate the process if possible. Though the regulator can issue the licenses as designated at this moment, they cannot be enforced before the court rules on Vivacom’s complaint.