Bulgaria to replace tickets with biometric access system ‘Rock’

Using facial and fingerprint recognition, the system will detect unauthorized access while ensuring GDPR and CCPA compliance.

Concept for facial recognition, biometric, security system or deepfake dangers.

Bulgaria is set to eliminate physical ticketing with ‘Rock,’ a biometric access control system for large events. Developed by a government research team, this AI-powered system will use facial and fingerprint recognition for pre-registered fans, replacing traditional tickets.

The system aims to detect unauthorised access through algorithmic scanners and promises compliance with GDPR and CCPA regulations via data anonymisation and encryption. It plans to eventually incorporate behavioural biometrics to detect suspicious behaviour.

Supported by €4.46 million ($4.8 million) in the EU funding, Rock is Bulgaria’s largest AI project. A technology partner is involved, though not yet publicly disclosed.

Why does it matter?

This initiative is part of Bulgaria’s aim to position itself as a tech hub, as seen with the recent opening of the Institute for Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Technology (INSAIT) and the launch of BgGPT, a Bulgarian-language AI chatbot.