Broadband Commission calls on world leaders to prioritise universal connectivity for sustainable development and global recovery

The Broadband Commission for Digital Development released ‘The ​State of Broadband 2020: Tackling Digital Inequalities, A Decade for Action’ which called upon world leaders and heads of industry to place universal broadband connectivity at the very forefront of global recovery and sustainable development efforts. The report, which cautions against acute inequalities caused by COVID-19, underscores the realities of 2020 related to the global pandemic that disrupted global and local economies, healthcare systems, education; accentuating the significance of broadband in connecting the world and keeping societies strong and healthy. ‘Leaving no one behind means leaving no one offline, now more than ever before. Increasing and coordinating ICT infrastructure investments will be instrumental, not only in connecting the 3.6 billion people still offline, but also in driving the development of new technologies central to the digital economy,’ highlighted International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Secretary-General Houlin Zhao.