Britain to invest £35 million to join EU’s semiconductor research program

Britain joins EU’s semiconductor research program with a £35 million investment, boosting domestic supply chains and competitiveness amid challenges like Brexit.

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In a concerted effort to fortify its semiconductor industry and ensure technological autonomy, Britain has pledged £35 million to participate in the European Union’s semiconductor research program. This strategic decision arises from the vulnerabilities exposed during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly the reliance on global chipmakers, predominantly owned by Chinese and US companies. By aligning with the EU’s semiconductor research endeavors, British semiconductor firms gain access to critical grants, fostering innovation and enhancing competitiveness within the industry.

The move to collaborate with the EU underscores the crucial role semiconductor technology plays in powering a wide array of everyday devices, ranging from smartphones to automobiles. This acknowledgment underscores the urgent need for nations to fortify their semiconductor ecosystems and maintain technological leadership globally. The establishment of the Chips Joint Undertaking (Chips JU) under the European Chips Act further solidifies this commitment by bridging the gap between research, innovation, and production, thereby fostering a robust semiconductor industry within Europe.

Through collaborative endeavors with the EU and targeted investments in semiconductor research and development, Britain aims to emerge as a prominent player in the global semiconductor arena, safeguarding its economic interests and technological sovereignty for the future.