Bridging the digital divide: South Africa’s nationwide broadband connectivity initiative

State IT agency (SITA) to construct nationwide broadband network in South Africa

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The South African government plans to invest ZAR 6 billion in the development of a nationwide broadband network that will connect government agencies, hospitals, schools, and other facilities. The network would be constructed by the State IT Agency (SITA), according to Communications Minister Mondli Gungubele, who said this during the Department of Communications & Digital Technologies budget vote in Parliament. According to the minister, the network will also aid in bringing connectivity to areas close to government buildings.

The government intends to speed up the deployment of neighbourhood Wi-Fi hotspots, adding 9,900 stations throughout sixteen districts this year, 2023. He continued to state that SITA will build the network, and the project will make sure that the government lowers the cost and duplication of communication infrastructure from local to federal government levels.