Brazilian Ministry of Justice releases evaluation of ‘Operation Safe School’

The operation aims to investigate and execute search and seizure warrants for suspects who threaten or plan to attack schools through social media.

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The Brazilian Ministry of Justice and Public Security (MJSP) released the first evaluation of ‘Operation Safe School’, launched on 5 April, following an attack on a daycare centre that left four children dead and five injured. 

Requests have also been made to social networks concerning the content that incites or condones crimes. There have been 812 requests for content removal or preservation for investigation, but these requests do not necessarily mean the pages have been removed. The operation is coordinated by the MJSP through the Cyber Operations Laboratory of the Integrated Operations and Intelligence Directorate (Ciberlab/Diop), involving 27 specialised police delegations of the Civil Police and agents from the Federal Police. It also cooperates with the United States Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and Brazil’s security and intelligence agencies.