Bosnia and Herzegovina launches coalition for online safety and free speech

This coalition, part of the EU-funded UNESCO project ‘Social Media 4 Peace,’ brings together various stakeholders to regulate harmful online content, safeguard freedom of expression, and establish a safe digital environment.


On 19 June 2023, the Coalition for Freedom of Expression and Content Moderation was launched in Sarajevo with the goal of regulating harmful online content and promoting freedom of expression. It is part of the EU-funded UNESCO project ‘Social Media 4 Peace’ and involves collaboration between civil society, government, academia, experts, and social media platforms. This initiative is a significant achievement for the project and the local stakeholders in Bosnia and Herzegovina, aiming to establish a national mechanism for content governance and create a safe online environment. 

The EU Ambassador recognises the importance of addressing hate speech and supports the coalition’s efforts. The coalition comprises 17 organisations committed to combating harmful content, including hate speech. The Executive Director of the Media Center, one of the coalition members, highlights the need for better moderation efforts and local context consideration by social media platforms. 

The coalition advocates for transparent management of harmful content, upholding freedom of expression, and promoting peace through digital technologies. Similar coalitions have been formed in other countries participating in the project, such as Indonesia, Kenya, and Colombia.