Bollywood actors featured in AI fake videos for India’s election

As India’s general election unfolds, AI-generated fake videos featuring Bollywood actors have sparked controversy and highlighted the evolving landscape of political communication.


In the midst of India’s monumental general election, AI-generated fake videos featuring Bollywood actors criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi and endorsing the opposition Congress party have gone viral. The videos, viewed over half a million times on social media, underscore the growing role of AI-generated content in elections worldwide.

India’s election, involving almost one billion voters, pits Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) against an alliance of opposition parties. As campaigning shifts towards digital platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook, AI is being utilised for the first time in Indian elections, signalling a new era of political communication.

Despite efforts by platforms like Facebook to remove the fake videos, they continue to circulate, prompting police investigations and highlighting the challenges of combating misinformation in the digital age. While actors Aamir Khan and Ranveer Singh have denounced the videos as fake, their proliferation underscores the potential impact of AI-generated content on public opinion.

Why does it matter?

In this year’s election in India, politicians employ AI in various ways, from creating videos featuring deceased family members to using AI-generated anchors to deliver political messages. These tactics raise questions about the ethical implications of AI in politics and its potential to shape public discourse in unprecedented ways.