Berlin set to launch world’s first cyber brothel

Founder Philipp Fussenegger notes that people feel more comfortable sharing private matters with machines, as they are non-judgmental.


Later this month, Berlin will see the launch of the world’s first cyber brothel, offering customers the opportunity to book time with AI sex dolls. The new service, spearheaded by Cybrothel founder Philipp Fussenegger, allows users to interact verbally and physically with the AI dolls, catering to a growing demand for more interactive AI experiences in the adult entertainment industry.

Generative AI is increasingly being integrated into the adult entertainment sector. A report by SplitMetrics shows that AI companion apps have been downloaded 225 million times on the Google Play Store, indicating a lucrative market. These AI companions often charge fees and collect user data, which is frequently shared with third parties, raising privacy concerns.

Experts have voiced significant concerns about the potential harms of merging AI with adult entertainment. Issues include the reinforcement of gender stereotypes, addiction risks, and privacy violations. AI chatbots, according to Mozilla’s privacy researcher Misha Rykov, target lonely individuals and can exacerbate mental health challenges. Furthermore, content warnings for themes of abuse, violence, and underage relationships have been added to several AI chatbots by Mozilla.

Despite these concerns, some industry leaders argue that AI can enhance the sexual experience without replacing human interaction. Philipp Hamburger from Lovehoney emphasises AI’s role in ethically improving user experience. Additionally, Ruben Cruz from The Clueless Agency believes AI can help mitigate ethical issues by preventing the explicit sexualisation of real individuals in adult content. However, the broader impact on real-world relationships and the potential for harmful assumptions about consent remain critical issues that need addressing.