BD4D Newsletter: big data can support the SDGs

The Big Data for Development Network (BD4D) released its first newsletter which notes the importance of big data in monitoring the process of the 2030 Agenda and the sustainable development goals (SDGs). According to BD4D, big data contributes to diminishing information and inequality gaps, generate evidence-based public policies, develop information inventory and statistical operations, create synergies among different stakeholders, and improve the distribution of resources. The use of big data can support better public policies through identifying critical points of crime or vehicular congestion or the impetus of social behaviors vis-à-vis collective problems. For example, the likes to special pages and records of visits to places and activities on social media could help capitalise on specific tourist destinations or local business. BD4D further reinforces the untapped potentials to the analysis of big data that could uphold a more informed decision making. BD4D is an initiative by five Southern organisations (LIRNEasia, Local Development Research Institute, African Institute for Mathematical Science, Center of Internet and Society, and Cepei), with the support of the International Development Research Center (IDRC). It produces research on big data for development with a special focus on improving the capacity of researchers on SDGs.