Bahrain’s telecom emergency plan boosts digital transformation

Bahrain’s telecom emergency plan aims to enhance cybersecurity readiness and support digital transformation across sectors like health, education, and energy. Developed collaboratively, the plan establishes a coordinated response to communications-related emergencies, reflecting a growing global concern for cybersecurity.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Bahrain (TRA) released Bahrain’s Telecommunications Emergency Response Plan as a building block to sustaining the telecommunication sector to work under various circumstances and enhancing its ability to respond to any cyberattacks. To further promote the digital transformation process, the plan supports other sectors including health, education, energy, and other aspects of work, production, and public life in Bahrain. The plan, which was designed in collaboration with different stakeholders, establishes the foundations and processes for an efficient and coordinated sector-wide response to any communications-related emergency. ‘The emergency response plan for telecommunications is closely related to the readiness of Bahrain to respond to any cyberattacks. It is increasingly necessary for all nations, companies, and individuals to be concerned about their cybersecurity, especially since cybercriminals put themselves at the service of those who are willing to pay more, for stealing information or causing the greatest harm to others, said information technology expert Yaqoob Al Awadhi.