Australian Human Rights Commission explores human rights implications of AI

As part of a project on human rights and technology, the Australian Human Rights Commission published a discussion paper outlining its views on protecting and promoting human rights amid the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies. When it comes to the development and use of AI, the commission proposes three key principles: 

  1. AI should be used in ways that comply with human rights laws;
  2. AI should be used in ways that minimise harm;
  3. and, AI should be accountable in how it is used.

In addition to these principles, the commission also suggests the elaboration of a national strategy on new and emerging technologies, to help the country ‘seize the new economic and other opportunities, while guarding against the very real threats to equality and human rights’. Other proposals include modernising the regulatory approach for AI, a moratorium on the potentially harmful use of facial recognition technology, and the creation of an AI Safety Commissioner. The public is invited to comment on the paper until 10 March 2020.