Australia plans to implement tougher laws focusing on deepfakes

Australia is to regulate AI focusing specifically on combating the misuse of deep fakes and deceptive content that appears convincingly real but is actually false.

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Australia has announced its plans to regulate artificial intelligence (AI), focusing specifically on combating the misuse of deepfakes and deceptive content.

This decision to regulate AI comes in response to concerns raised by prominent AI executives, who highlighted the ‘risk of extinction from AI’ and urged policymakers to treat it as seriously as pandemics and nuclear warfare. Industry and Science Minister Ed Husic acknowledged the prevailing unease in society regarding the rapid advancement of AI technology. In an interview, he recognised the government’s responsibility to take action and implement safeguards to mitigate the associated risks. Australia’s National Science and Technology Council report highlighted the potential misuse of AI-generated content in parliamentary consultations, where deceptive submissions could manipulate public opinion.

Husic has also taken note of the progress made by European lawmakers in passing comprehensive AI legislation and expressed Australia’s readiness to consider banning high-risk elements of AI based on public demand during the consultation process for shaping new laws.