Australia invests $6.5 million in e-waste recycling to support landfill ban

The initiatives, including the construction of e-waste facilities and the purchase of storage bins and recycling equipment, are expected to divert more than 17,000 tons of e-waste from landfills.

Over $6.5 million will be shared among 21 projects in Western Australia to boost e-waste recycling capacity. The funding will support the ban on e-waste disposal in landfills starting next year. 

The projects aim to divert 17,000+ tons of e-waste from landfills, create 62 jobs, and improve e-waste storage and processing for over 920,000 customers. They include constructing e-waste facilities, purchasing storage bins and recycling equipment. Additionally, $2.4 million will be invested in two solar panel recycling facilities. 

E-waste collection boxes will be placed at four locations, and the ban will cover various electronic items. Future phases will expand the ban, and a second round of funding is planned. This initiative promotes recycling, creates job opportunities, and facilitates the recovery of valuable materials while protecting the environment. It is viewed as a crucial step toward achieving a circular economy in Western Australia, according to the Environment Minister, Reece Whitby.