Australia begins to take steps in regulating AI

Australia is taking its first steps toward regulating AI. The federal government plans to address regulatory gaps and explore legislative changes to capture emerging technologies. Public consultations will soon be launched to gather feedback.

Australia is set to begin regulating AI with the federal government addressing regulatory gaps and considering changes to legislation to capture emerging technologies. Industry and Science Minister Ed Husic has engaged in discussions with industry leaders regarding the risks and benefits associated with AI, and the government is preparing to initiate public consultations to gather feedback on the subject.

The government has sought advice on the consequences of generative AI and the steps taken by other counties from the National Science and Technology Council. Labor MP Julian Hill stated that it would be prudent to harmonize Australia’s laws with countries that share similar values to those of Australia and advocated for creating an Australian AI commission, which would bring together experts from diverse fields to shape policy.

Concerns about AI’s ethical and societal implications have been raised, particularly in government services, banking, and military decision-making. Various stakeholders, including politicians, industry figures, and human rights advocates, emphasized the need for proactive regulation to ensure AI’s responsible development and deployment. Several jurisdictions, including the United States, European Union, and China, have already commenced the formulation of AI regulations.