Asus challenges Samsung in smartphone patent dispute

Asus alleges patent infringement in Samsung’s 4G and 5G smartphones. Despite its smaller market presence, Asus is confident in its robust patent collection.

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Asus has filed a lawsuit against Samsung, claiming that Samsung’s 4G and 5G smartphones, including Galaxy 4G, 5G phones, and the Galaxy Z Flip5, have infringed upon Asus’ wireless communication patents. According to Tom’s Hardware, despite Asus’ relatively modest performance in the smartphone market, the company possesses a substantial collection of patents, encouraging it to challenge Samsung, the industry leader. Asus had previously attempted to negotiate licensing fees with Samsung for its patented technology but disagreed.

As part of its strategy, Asus is utilizing its patent portfolio, managed by entities such as Asus Technology Licensing and Innovative Sonic Limited, to safeguard against legal threats and explore potential revenue through licensing arrangements. The lawsuit, filed in the Eastern District of Texas, revolves around a standard essential patent (US Patent No. 10,187,878) encompassing enhancements in wireless communication for 4G and 5G smartphones.

Despite the substantial market gap between Asus and Samsung, this legal action underscores the significance of intellectual property in the tech sector. It may result in prolonged legal proceedings or discussions regarding cross-licensing agreements.