Asia between data sharing and protectionism

Asia’s growing appetite for data is driving the need for new internet infrastructure, but geopolitical tension, protectionist laws, and a mishmash of rules threaten its free flow.

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Asia’s demand for data is growing at a faster pace than the global average, making it a hot market for new internet infrastructure.

However, geopolitical tensions, protectionist laws, and a lack of data flow rules pose challenges.

Geopolitics is also reshaping the location and construction of digital infrastructure, with alternate pathways and nodes emerging. The biggest challenge lies in creating rules to govern digital trade, as different models rooted in sovereignty, privacy, and commerce compete for influence.

Conflicting rules and digital protectionism hinder the free flow of data with a broader impact on Asian economies. It is not clear if data sharing or protectionism will prevail in Asia. Regional coordination and global norms would help reduce confusion in data governance.

Source: The Economist