Apple urges London tribunal to block a lawsuit

Apple has requested a London court to block a 1.6 billion lawsuit accusing the company of hiding defective iPhone batteries.

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Apple is facing a mass lawsuit worth up to 1.6 billion pounds plus interest, and the company urged a London Tribunal to block it. The lawsuit claims Apple concealed iPhone battery issues in certain models and misled its customers.

Apple denied such allegations and stated that only a small number of iPhone 6s models’ battery performance was reduced by 10% when the company introduced its power management update in 2017. Following these incidents, Apple claimed that it publicly apologized to its customers and offered free battery placements for iPhone 6s models whose battery performance was reduced.

Plaintiff’s lawyer, Philip Moser, referred to Apple’s 2020 agreements to settle a US class action and regulatory action by US states and emphasized that Apple did not deny the battery issues.