Apple to showcase AI innovations at developer conference

The company aims to demonstrate the value of AI to its more than 1 billion users and generate consumer interest in the technology.

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At Apple’s annual developer conference on Monday, the tech giant is anticipated to unveil how it’s integrating AI across its software suite. The integration includes updates to its Siri voice assistant and a potential collaboration with OpenAI, the owner of ChatGPT. With its reputation on the line, Apple aims to reassure investors that it remains competitive in the AI landscape, especially against rivals like Microsoft.

Apple faces the challenge of demonstrating the value of AI to its vast user base, many of whom are not tech enthusiasts. Analysts suggest that Apple needs to showcase how AI can enhance user experiences, a shift from its previous emphasis on enterprise applications. Despite using AI behind the scenes for years, Apple has been reserved in highlighting its role in device functionality, unlike Microsoft’s more vocal approach with OpenAI.

The spotlight is on Siri’s makeover, which is expected to enable more seamless control over various apps. Apple aims to make Siri smarter by integrating generative AI, potentially through a partnership with OpenAI. The move is anticipated to improve user interactions with Siri across different apps, enhancing its usability and effectiveness. Also, Apple recently introduced an AI-focused chip in its latest iPad Pro models, signalling its commitment to AI development. Analysts predict that Apple will provide developers with insights into leveraging these capabilities to support AI computing. Additionally, reports suggest Apple may discuss its plans for using its chips in data centres, which could enhance cloud computing capabilities while maintaining privacy and security features.

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2024) will run until Friday, offering developers insights into app updates and new tools. Investors are hopeful that Apple’s AI advancements will drive sales of new iPhones and boost the company’s competitive edge amid fierce global competition.