Apple sued Masimo over the Apple Watch IP rights  

Apple sued Masimo over Apple Watch IP rights, alleging Masimo’s smartwatches copied Apple Watch patents. Masimo had previously accused Apple of patent infringement and stealing trade secrets related to health-monitoring features like heart rate and blood-oxygen level measurements. They had also sought to stop imports of Apple Watches violating their patents.

Apple filed a lawsuit in federal court in Delaware against medical tech company Masimo Corp, accusing the company of ‘copying’ its Apple Watch. According to the case, Masimo Corp W1 smartwatches infringed several Apple Watch patents.

Previously, Masimo, which specialises in health-monitoring devices for medical patients, sued Apple in California federal court in 2020. The company claimed that Apple had stolen its trade secrets and infringed its patents, including measuring heart rate and blood-oxygen levels. Last year, it also asked the US government to halt imports of Apple Watches that violate its patents.