Apple is integrating AI into ‘every product’

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, acknowledges the use of AI in his company’s products but has been less outspoken about AI projects, prompting fears about lagging behind and passing up chances.

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According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, artificial intelligence and machine learning are deeply embedded in almost every product. Despite the recent Worldwide Developers Conference not mentioning AI, Cook confirmed that Apple has been exploring this technology for years and is increasing its investment in it. These remarks come in response to concerns by analysts that Apple may be falling behind its competitors and could miss out on potential opportunities. Cook stressed that AI and machine learning are integral to the design of Apple’s products, refuting any claims that the company has yet to incorporate these technologies.

In a recent interview with CNBC, Apple CEO emphasized the importance of AI and machine learning (ML) technologies at Apple. He stated that these technologies are integrated into all of their products and are considered crucial for their success. Cook highlighted that Apple has been conducting extensive research on AI and ML, including generative AI, for many years. This focus on artificial intelligence has led to an increase in Apple’s research and development spending. The company remains committed to advancing AI and ML capabilities to enhance their products and services.