Apple in talks with Google to integrate Gemini AI engine into iPhone

The partnership would introduce new AI-powered features to Apple’s iOS operating system.

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Apple Inc. is reportedly in negotiations with Google to integrate Google’s Gemini AI engine into the iPhone, potentially marking a significant development in the AI industry. Sources familiar with the situation suggest Apple is seeking to license Gemini to power new features in the upcoming iOS 18 operating system. The move follows discussions with other AI providers like OpenAI, indicating Apple’s pursuit of advanced AI capabilities for its devices.

The potential partnership between Apple and Google would expand upon their existing search agreement and grant Gemini access to billions of potential users through Apple’s extensive device ecosystem. However, it raises concerns about antitrust scrutiny, especially given the ongoing regulatory challenges surrounding Google’s search deal with Apple. Despite these hurdles, collaboration between the two tech giants could signal a new frontier in AI development and innovation.

Meanwhile, Apple continues to invest in its own AI technologies, with plans to introduce new capabilities based on its proprietary models alongside those powered by external partners like Google. CEO Tim Cook has hinted at transformative AI features that aim to enhance user experiences and streamline tasks on Apple’s platforms.

As discussions between Apple and Google progress, stakeholders eagerly await potential announcements at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June, which could shape the future of AI integration on Apple devices.