Annual State of Broadband report highlights AI impact

The report aims to guide policymakers on AI advancements to ensure equitable digital access.

Broadband Commission

The annual State of Broadband report serves as a comprehensive global assessment of broadband access, affordability, and usage trends. This year’s edition, titled ‘Leveraging AI for Universal Connectivity,’ is being released in two parts. The first part, unveiled on June 20, 2024, outlines how AI applications are transforming sectors like e-government, education, healthcare, finance, and environmental management. It also examines the implications of AI for bridging or exacerbating the digital divide.

Authored by over 50 high-level Commissioners, including UN leaders, industry CEOs, and government officials, the report highlights AI’s potential to drive development while cautioning against its risks. The second part of the report, yet to be released, will provide updated data and deeper insights from the Broadband Commissioners, offering a more detailed analysis of AI’s evolving role in the digital realm.

As the Broadband Commission tracks progress towards its 2025 Advocacy Targets and prepares for future global summits, the report underscores the critical role of policymakers in maximizing the benefits of AI while ensuring equitable access to digital opportunities. It aims to inform strategic decisions that align with sustainable development goals, emphasising the need for proactive measures to harness AI responsibly and inclusively.