Amnesty International calls for full Internet access in Jammu and Kashmir during coronavirus

The human rights organisation Amnesty International India has in a statement called on authorities of the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir to urgently restore full Internet access in the region and ensure adequate information flow about the novel coronavirus so people can better protect themselves. 

According to the statement, 4 out of 166 coronavirus cases reported by India up to 19 March 2020 were found in the region of Jammu and Kashmir. With the current restrictions which have limited Internet speeds to 2G and intermittent shutdowns in different areas of the region, there is a higher risk of inadequate information on coronavirus which could cause further spread.

Executive Director of Amnesty International India Avinash Kuma was quoted in the statement as saying  ‘there is a growing anxiety around the pandemic and unwarranted restrictions on content and dissemination of information only stands to add to the panic’.