Amazon will retrain a third of its employees in new technologies

Amazon presented its workforce retraining initiative based on the fastest-growing technical jobs at the company over the last years. The company will invest US$ 700 million to retrain 100,000 employees. Amazon revealed that positions related to technical jobs, such as data scientist and network development engineer, are the most required. However, even allegedly non-technical positions, including program manager, business analyst, and marketing professional will soon demand a degree of fluency in STEM skills that its current workforce does not have. According to the company, a shipping facility job that, 10 years ago, only required physical skills, currently, demand a graduate degree and the understanding of how to work with a robot. Amazon plans to use its own programs to retrain employees. The Amazon Technical Academy and the Machine Learning University will be responsible for ensuring that workers will learn STEM skills and how to operate with artificial intelligence (AI).