Amazon Web Services proposes advisory Group for monitoring AI usage in Australian education

In response to a senate inquiry focused on the integration of artificial intelligence in education, AWS recommends the creation of a quarterly meeting platform comprising representatives from educational institutions, technology companies, and governmental bodies.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has proposed the establishment of a national advisory group in Australia to monitor and assess the use of generative AI in the education system. This suggestion was made in response to a senate inquiry that addresses the integration of AI into Australian schools and universities. AWS recommends forming an advisory group that meets regularly to discuss the benefits and challenges of AI technology, with the objective of creating a ‘best practice’ advice.

This group would consist of representatives from educational institutions, industry partners, and government agencies. The advisory group’s responsibilities would include reviewing updates and reports, addressing potential issues, and offering guidance on the appropriate use of AI and generative AI technologies in education.

AWS also emphasised the need for consumer protections, sector-specific regulations, and collaboration with the tertiary education sector to enhance digital literacy and technology training.

Why does it matter? Educators are increasingly viewing AI with a mix of optimism and caution, recognising its potential to enhance learning, foster creativity, and streamline tasks while also acknowledging concerns. Certain schools, like those in New York City and Los Angeles, have restricted AI access due to worries about its impact on student learning and academic integrity. As AI technology increasingly infiltrates educational practices, the need for comprehensive oversight becomes paramount.