Amazon top executives may have misled or lied to US Congress

Five members of the US House Judiciary committee wrote to Inc’s CEO Andy Jassy and accused the company’s top executives, including Jeff Bezos, of either misleading Congress or possibly lying to it about Amazon’s business practices under oath during investigations in 2020. 

The US House Judiciary committee provided Amazon with a final opportunity to clarify prior testimony and statements on behalf of Amazon to the Committee, as they consider referral to the Department of Justice for criminal investigation. 

At the center of this inquiry are questions about how Amazon treats its own private labels versus other companies’ products on its site, especially Amazon using data from third-party sellers to copy their products and give preferential listings to the Amazon branded products. These practices were described in the Reuters and the Markup news outlets, the Committee said. 

Amazon issued a statement that the company and its executives did not mislead the committee and denied allegations of unfair business practices.