Amazon made public commitments to change behaviours concerning non-public seller data, Buy Box and Prime programme

In a bid to get the European Commission to drop two antitrust cases, Amazon made public a commitment proposal that would forwardly comply with key obligations under the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The Commission’s investigation targeted three fronts of Amazon’s business practices: the use of non-public seller data, the Buy Box feature and the Prime programme. Amazon’s main commitments in response are as follows:

  • Use of non-public data: Amazon will refrain from using non-public seller data (including when combined with non-seller data) relating to, or derived from, the activities of independent sellers on its marketplace to compete with them in its own retailing business.
  • Buy Box: Amazon will apply equal treatment to all sellers when ranking their offers to select the Buy Box winner; in addition, Amazon will display a second competing offer to the Buy Box winner in certain conditions to enhance consumer choices.
  • Prime programme: Amazon will allow Prime sellers to choose their own logistics and delivery service carriers without any discriminative disadvantages; Amazon will not use the information on the performance and terms of third-party carriers for its own competing logistics services.

The Commission is inviting comments from the public on Amazon’s commitments.

Sources: Euractiv, European Commission