Amazon discussing multi-billion cloud investment in Italy

Other tech giants, such as Alphabet and Microsoft, have also invested in cloud services in Italy.

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Amazon’s cloud computing division, Amazon Web Services (AWS), is discussing with Italy about investing billions of euros in expanding its data centre operations within the country. That is part of AWS’s broader strategy to strengthen its cloud services across Europe. According to sources, the specifics of the investment, including its size and potential locations, are still under negotiation. One option being considered is expanding AWS’s existing site in Milan or establishing a new one.

AWS and Italy’s digital transition department declined to comment on the ongoing talks. AWS initially launched its first cloud region in Italy in 2020, committing to invest €2 billion by 2029. The company serves notable clients in Italy, including luxury carmaker Ferrari and insurer Assicurazioni Generali. This potential investment follows AWS’s recent announcement of a €15.7 billion investment in Spain’s Aragon region, indicating a significant upscaling from previous plans.

AWS’s expansion in Italy might not be as large as its Spanish investment, yet it is expected to be substantial. In addition to Italy and Spain, AWS is making significant investments across Europe, including a €7.8 billion commitment in Germany through 2040. AWS also enhances its infrastructure to cater to telecom clients, securing its first major customer in Telefonica Deutschland. These expansions come as corporate demand for cloud computing surges, driven by increasing interest in AI, prompting renewed growth in the global cloud infrastructure market.