AIID opens its digital infrastructure strategy for public consultations

To address the digital divide in Asia, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) drafted a Digital Infrastructure Strategy which identifies AIIB’s broad vision: ‘to play a leading role in financing the growth of Digital Infrastructure in Asia, with the objectives of supporting AIIB members’ efforts in bridging the digital divide, increasing competitiveness of their economies and the efficiency of infrastructure.’ It pinpoints the areas of investment for the AIIB to include hard and soft digital infrastructure which are not well-financed by the private sector. The AAIB called different stakeholders for public consultation and to provide their feedback and comments on the approach proposed. After the deadline, the strategy will be updated to incorporate written input submitted by different stakeholders and then be deferred to the AIIB’s Board of Directors for approval. ‘So far, many countries have focused on gradually improving their traditional infrastructure for transport, communication and energy. What is now needed is a shift to investing in tomorrow’s infrastructure. As a 21st century development bank, AIIB is well positioned to take on this challenge and support its members’ pursuit of their vision for an interconnected digital ecosystem. We hope this can serve as a basis for new business models that benefit a country’s citizens and boost sustainable development of the economy,’ highlighted AIIB Vice President for Policy and Strategy Joachim von Amsberg.