AI powers chip manufacturing: NVIDIA CEO highlights the perfect match at ITF World 2023

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang highlights chip manufacturing as an ideal application that powers accelerated computing and AI, discusses the transformative impact of NVIDIA’s technologies across industries, introduces embodied AI and showcases NVIDIA VIMA, while expressing optimism for the future of physics-AI and digital twins in advancing chip manufacturing.

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NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang highlighted the importance of chip manufacturing as an ideal application for NVIDIA’s accelerated computing and AI capabilities, discussing the intersection of these advancements at the ITF World 2023 semiconductor conference. Huang emphasised the need for a new approach to support increased computing power while striving for net zero emissions, and explained how NVIDIA’s accelerated computing and AI technologies have transformed various industries. 

Huang specifically mentioned the significant role of NVIDIA GPUs in chip manufacturing, enabling tasks such as pattern rendering, mask process correction, mask inspection, wafer inspection, and computational lithography. Furthermore, he introduced the concept of ’embodied AI,’ which involves intelligent systems capable of understanding and interacting with the physical world. 

Huang showcased NVIDIA VIMA, a multimodal embodied AI, and discussed the potential of physics-informed AI and digital twin technology in addressing global challenges and advancing chip manufacturing. Huang expressed his optimism about the future of physics-AI, robotics, and Omniverse-based digital twins in driving advancements in the semiconductor industry.