AI platforms banned from processing publicly available personal data in India?

The purpose of this law is to protect the personal data of Indian internet users and restrict access to generative AI tools,

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According to a leaked version of the Indian Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Bill, 2023, generative AI platforms may not be allowed to process the personal data of Indians available in the public domain. In the previous version, there was an exception for search engines to process such data, but it has been removed in this latest version.

The changes in the draft bill indicate the need for explicit consent from individuals before gathering and processing publicly available personal information, according to those knowledgeable in the matter. However, they contend that this consent-centric approach fails to consider the intricate data-processing methods employed by advanced AI models. It has been cautioned that generative AI platforms could potentially face legal action akin to their current US litigation if they scrape the internet for such data.