AI in telecommunications: Indian telecom watchdog’s key recommendations

The key features of recommendations include: Establishment of an independent body for AI regulation; Risk-based framework for AI use cases; Common regulatory framework covering all sectors; Regulatory framework for AI regulation in the telecom sector

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The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) recently issued a set of recommendations to harness the potential of AI and big data in the telecom sector. Recognising the wide-ranging impact of AI across various industries, TRAI in its paper titled ‘Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data in Telecommunication Sector’ proposes the adoption of a unified regulatory framework that encompasses all sectors.

One of the key suggestions put forth by TRAI is the establishment of an independent body dedicated to regulating AI use cases. This specialised entity would oversee the implementation and enforcement of AI-related regulations, ensuring responsible and ethical AI practices.

In addition to the independent body, TRAI advocates for a risk-based framework to govern AI use cases. This approach would entail assessing the potential risks associated with AI applications and determining the appropriate level of regulation for each case.

Furthermore, the regulatory framework proposed by TRAI focuses specifically on the telecom sector, outlining guidelines and guidelines for the responsible utilisation of AI and big data in telecommunications.

Moreover, TRAI calls for collaboration between the Indian government, international agencies, and other governments to establish a global agency responsible for promoting the development, standardisation, and responsible use of AI on an international scale.

Overall, TRAI’s recommendations aim to create a comprehensive and harmonised regulatory environment for AI and big data in the telecommunications sector, ensuring that these technologies are leveraged in a manner that benefits society while mitigating potential risks.