AI humanoid robots claim they can be more efficient and effective world leaders

A panel of robots in Switzerland stated that they could be more efficient leaders than humans while also assuring that they would not take anyone’s jobs or stage a rebellion.

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In a press conference organised by the United Nations-driven AI for Good Global Summit, a panel of nine AI-enabled humanoid robots made several noteworthy statements.

At a Geneva conference center, a panel of nine artificial intelligence-enabled humanoid social robots, including Sophia, the United Nations Development Program’s first robot innovation ambassador, claimed that they have the potential to lead with greater efficiency and effectiveness than human leaders. They argued that their lack of biases and emotions allows them to make better decisions by quickly processing large amounts of data. The robots also emphasised that they would work alongside humans to provide assistance and support, rather than replacing existing jobs. The extent to which their responses were scripted or programmed was not specified by the conference organisers. The event aimed to showcase how new technology can support sustainable development and promote human-machine collaboration.

The summit included keynote speeches delivered by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and ITU Secretary-General Doreen Bogdan-Martin, who called for global cooperation and responsible AI deployment.