AI Action Plan and AI Coalition launched in the Netherlands

The Dutch government has launched a Strategic Action Plan for Artificial Intelligence, outlining goals and actions for the country to take advantage of the social and economic opportunities offered by artificial intelligence (AI). Increasing public-private investments in AI (to support researchers and entrepreneurs) is one of the main action lines. The plan also focuses on essential enablers of successful AI applications, in areas such as training and education, data availability and use, digital infrastructure, and the protection of citizens’ rights in line with appropriate and legal frameworks. Moreover, the government intends to co-ordinate the development of public policies to address human rights and values issues in AI deployment and use. The publication of the Action Plan was also accompanied by the launch of the Dutch AI Coalition. With over 65 members from the private sector, government, education and research institutions, and civil society groups, the coalition aims to ensure that the Netherlands becomes a big player in AI, while making sure that AI-related concerns are addressed. Priority areas for the coalition include human capital, research and innovation, data sharing, inclusion, and support for start-ups and scale-ups.