Ageing in a digital world – from vulnerable to valuable, ITU report

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) released its first publication on the importance of being prepared to respond to the needs and requirements of ageing populations under the title ‘Ageing in a digital world – from vulnerable to valuable.’ The publication tackles two interlinked global megatrends that are speculated to have socio-economic impact worldwide, namely the emergence of digital technologies and ageing populations. It aims to raise awareness about the digital opportunities and possible new possibilities for economic, social, and political growth from increased digital inclusion and age-friendly digital environments. Some of the policy recommendations that the report provides include:

  • Revising existing information and communication technology (ICT) policies, legislation and regulations to promote ICT appropriation and accessibility.
  • Consulting with the ageing population on the development of appropriation strategies.
  • Adopting ICT accessibility technical and quality of service standards in order to guarantee.