Africa Green ICT Forum: Building a green world is the way to leading power digitalisation for a smart and sustainable world

The Africa Green ICT Forum was organised online by Huawei and hosted by Informa Tech under the theme ‘Leading Power Digitalisation for a Smart and Sustainable World’. The forum was a platform for experts to share experiences and investigate technological innovations that can save energy and reduce emissions in various industries. GSMA Senior Market Engagement Manager Dulip Tillekeratne expressed concerns about the application of clean energy in Africa where ‘almost 32% of all towers are located either in off-grid or bad-grid areas and these towers are still powered by non-renewable sources’. Huawei Digital Power Product Line Fang Liangzhou proposed ‘Bit to manage Watt’ as a power digitalisation approach to ‘provide simple, green, smart, and reliable digital power solutions to solve challenges faced by the traditional power industry’. Energy standards were underscored as key requirements to ‘build greener energy solutions that are cost-effective, efficient, and easy to evolve, and promote green networks and sustainable development’ stated the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Chairman of ITU-T SG5 Environment and Climate Change Paolo Gemma.