Adobe removes AI imitations after Ansel Adams estate complaint

The company has responded by removing the content and reaching out to the Adams estate.


Adobe faced backlash this weekend after the Ansel Adams estate criticised the company for selling AI-generated imitations of the famous photographer’s work. The estate posted a screenshot on Threads showing ‘Ansel Adams-style’ images on Adobe Stock, stating that Adobe’s actions had pushed them to their limit. Adobe allows AI-generated images on its platform but requires users to have appropriate rights and prohibits content created using prompts with other artists’ names.

In response, Adobe removed the offending content and reached out to the Adams estate, which claimed it had been contacting Adobe since August 2023 without resolution. The estate urged Adobe to respect intellectual property and support the creative community proactively. Adobe Stock’s Vice President, Matthew Smith, noted that moderators review all submissions, and the company can block users who violate rules.

Adobe’s Director of Communications, Bassil Elkadi, confirmed they are in touch with the Adams estate and have taken appropriate steps to address the issue. The Adams estate has thanked Adobe for the removal and expressed hope that the issue is resolved permanently.