Abu Dhabi unveils pioneering global centre for advanced technology research

The Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), which is committed to reinforcing Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates’s (UAE) status as a global hub for innovation and advanced technologies, revealed the establishment of a dedicated applied research pillar dubbed the Technology Innovation Institute (TII). The TTI is mandated to deliver discovery science and advanced technologies that have a global impact, with special focus on seven areas, namely: quantum research, autonomous robotics, cryptography, advanced materials, digital security, directed energy, and secure systems. ‘The Technology Innovation Institute is a pioneering research centre that develops disruptive and transformative technologies that have practical use-cases and global impact. The institute allows us to push the frontiers of knowledge further than ever before for the benefit of science, society, the economy, and the environment,’ explained ATRC Secretary-General Faisal Al Bannai.