A4AI launches Meaningful Connectivity standard for Internet access

The Alliance for Internet Access (A4AI) has, in its latest report presented a new standard called Meaningful Connectivity which should serve as a guide to help governments set effective broadband-policy targets and track them over time. According to the report, the meaningful connectivity standard  is a ‘tool to raise the bar for internet access and set more ambitious policy goals for digital development.’ The standard sets minimum thresholds across four main dimensions of Internet access that matter most to users. 

  1. Regular internet use​ | Minimum threshold: daily use
  2. An appropriate device | Minimum threshold: access to a​ smartphone
  3. Enough data | Minimum threshold: ​an​ ​unlimited broadband connection at home or a place of work or study
  4. A fast connection​ | Minimum threshold: 4G mobile connectivity

meaningful connectivity image