A study reveals gender gap in Australia’s STEM industry

A report on gender diversity in Australia’s STEM industry shows that government support is lacking. The report found that the tech industry falls behind in women’s participation and recommends national action plans and prioritizing women’s STEM participation.

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A report published by an enterprise dedicated to achieving gender equality in the tech industry, the Girl Geek Academy, revealed that the gender gap in Australia’s science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) industry is due to the lack of government support. The report found that only 36% of women are enrolled in STEM courses, and only 12% of tech engineers are women. The report cautions that with these outcomes, Australia will not realize its economic and technical potential, and the technology industry continues to fall behind the Australian workforce in terms of women’s participation. The report also finds that the regression of gender equity in the tech industry is not attributable to a deficiency in evaluating equity programs but rather to a deficiency in investing in the solutions that have already been proven effective. The Girl Geek Academy made several recommendations for modifications, including creating a national action plan to increase diversity in the digital sphere, supporting equality and inclusion in schools, and prioritizing women’s STEM participation.