A broadband bill in Nebraska aims to support the expansion of Wi-Fi access in libraries

The bill, known as LB 683, intends to allocate funds to the Nebraska Broadband Office, which will prioritise delivering reliable internet access to individuals and businesses in rural areas where coverage is inadequate.

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Nebraska lawmakers took a significant step on Monday by pushing forward a bill aimed at enhancing broadband availability in rural areas, potentially benefiting public libraries. The proposed legislation includes provisions for direct funding to libraries that choose to participate, providing substantial relief for small library budgets burdened by internet expenses. However, libraries must meet the requirement of installing computer filters to qualify for financial aid. The bill, known as LB 683, will allocate funds to the Nebraska Broadband Office, prioritizing reliable internet access for rural residents and businesses facing inadequate coverage. With the support of 40 senators, the bill has now reached the final stage of debate.