85% of Latin Americans believe 5G will help bridge digital divide in the region, Ciena reports

Ciena, networking and software company, released a survey of six Latin American countries that explored how people in the region perceive 5G and cloud-based applications alongside the associated benefits in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis. The survey, which included Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru, revealed the respondents’ optimistic insights about the possible impact of 5G in bridging the digital divide by providing connectivity to more citizens (85%). Respondents were further positive about the social impact of technology seeing that ‘5G will help improve quality of life for people’ (84%), the economy (56%) at large including innovation and industrial production. ‘5G brings a lot to the table – by providing ultra-fast connectivity, facilitating remote activities, and enabling other technologies we can all benefit from. People are in need of high bandwidth, low latency, and minimal service interruptions, and 5G is a key piece of this puzzle,’ Ciena General Manager and Vice President of Sales, Latin America, Fabio Medina.