European Commission presents innovation agenda

The European Commission introduces the New European Innovation Agenda, consisting of 25 actions focused on funding for scale-ups, enabling innovation, strengthening ecosystems, attracting tech talent, and enhancing policymaking tools to elevate its global innovation status.

The EU has long sought to position itself as a leading player on the global innovation scene. A fresh initiative from the European Commission – the New European Innovation Agenda – outlines 25 actions that contribute to achieving this goal.

The proposed actions relate to: mobilising funding for scale-ups; enabling innovation through experimentation spaces (such as regulatory sandboxes and innovation test beds) and public procurement; accelerating and strengthening innovation in European innovation ecosystems (through initiatives such as supporting the creation of regional innovation valleys and launching the AI-based platform Innospace to serve as a one-stop shop for innovation players); fostering, attracting, and retaining tech talent; and improving policymaking tools.