Portugal’s National Strategy for High-Capacity Network Connectivity (2023-2030)

Strategies and Action Plans

The National Strategy for Connectivity in Very High Capacity Electronic Communication Networks for 2023-2030 sets an ambitious goal: to ensure that every household in the country is covered by a Gigabit network by 2030. This initiative represents a significant step towards enhancing digital infrastructure and ensuring equitable access to high-speed internet across the nation.

Funding Sources and Strategic Approach

To achieve this goal, the strategy outlines a dual approach to financing. Firstly, private investments will play a crucial role, with funding provided under market conditions where feasible. Secondly, public funds will be allocated to address market failures that could otherwise leave certain areas underserved.

Focus on ‘White Areas’

A key aspect of the strategy is its focus on ‘white areas’—regions where private investment alone is insufficient to ensure high-capacity network coverage. In these areas, public investment will complement private efforts, ensuring that no community is left behind. The public intervention is designed to be proportional, providing only the minimum necessary support to achieve the broader objective of promoting equity and territorial cohesion. This ensures that essential digital infrastructure is accessible to all citizens and businesses, regardless of their location.

Implementation and Oversight

To implement this strategy, the government plans to launch public tenders for the installation, management, and operation of high-capacity networks in ‘white areas.’ These tenders will enable efficient and targeted deployment of resources, facilitating the construction of the necessary infrastructure.

ANACOM, the national regulatory authority for communications, will play a key role in monitoring the progress of this strategy. By tracking broadband mapping and using key performance indicators, ANACOM will ensure that the strategy is on track and that the high-capacity networks are being installed as planned.