The OECD Council recommendation no. OECD/LEGAL/03 on information and communication technologies and the environment

Principles and Recommendations

The OECD Council recommendations on ICT and the environment focuses on the ‘OECD aim to build a “stronger, cleaner, fairer world economy”, and the need to strengthen efforts to pursue green growth strategies’. Better and more efficient use of ICT is proposed as ‘a major factor in improving environmental performance and addressing climate change’, and recommendations are thus given as principles for OECD member states to take account of and implement. These are: – Co-ordinating ICT, Climate, Environment and Energy Policies. – Adopting Life Cycle Perspectives. – Supporting Research and Innovation in Green Technologies and Services. – Developing Green ICT Skills. – Increasing Public Awareness of the Role of ICTs in Improving Environmental Performance. – Encouraging Best Practices. – Governments Leading by Example. – Improving Public Procurement. – Encouraging Measurement. – Setting Policy Targets and Increasing Evaluation.